American white pelican (foreground) and brown pelican in the Gulf of Mexico.
Credit: Fish and Wildlife Service

Restoration work in the Louisiana Restoration Area focuses on restoring wetlands, coastal, and nearshore habitats, restoring water quality and habitat, and replenishing and protecting wildlife and marine resources, such as sea turtles, dolphins, birds, and oysters. We are also providing and enhancing recreational opportunities and restoring habitats on federal lands.

Together, the trustees are restoring natural resources—and the services they provide—that were injured by the spill. We are developing project-specific restoration plans that are consistent with the resource allocations laid out in the programmatic restoration plan (see chart below).

With an understanding that the use of restoration funds will be guided by specific criteria, Louisiana is committed to maximizing its investment in oil spill recovery activities by implementing restoration projects that are consistent with the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan to the extent possible. 

As part of the restoration planning process, we are continuing to accept restoration project ideas from the public. The public also has the opportunity to review and comment on proposed project-specific restoration plans for the Louisiana Restoration Area. Once a plan is approved, we will implement and monitor the selected projects.